By Ernest O'Neill

You Were Part of a Great Eternal Event

Rev. Ernest O'Neill

Every one of you has something of Jesus within you. The literal translation of John 1:3 in the Greek is "That, which was made, was previously life in Him, you've been made." You were originally life in Jesus. You were part of Jesus' life. You were a spark of his Spirit that has been given your body and your personality. You are part of Him. And there's another way you are part of Him. This dear book says, when He died, you died too, and everything that has been a failure in your life was destroyed in His death. That's an eternal, a great eternal event that can be brought down into time and space at any time by anyone of us here.

Just as lightening fires from one cloud to another and can be brought down to earth by a lightening rod, so you and I are able to bring down into time and space- into our life - the eternal change that took place in Christ. You bring it down by simply one thing - faith. The moment anyone of you says, "I will be done with this, I am determined in God's name, I am determined I will be done with this", at that moment, all the power of that eternal destruction and remaking of you which God carried out in Jesus comes down into your life.