By Ernest O'Neill


By Ernest O'Neill

John 1:14, "And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth." "And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth." The word of Jesus took on the flesh of Jesus of Nazareth and then people saw what God was like. The whole purpose of your life is so that Jesus can coat Himself with you and can live again a unique life through you. That's the purpose of your life. That's why you are alive.

You are not just some little soul trying to make your way through to social security successfully. You are not just some little human being trying to eke out an existence here in this world for 70 years. You are a unique person in whom Jesus wants to live a unique life that He has never lived before in anyone else. That's it. You understand that's why we are all yearning for significance.

That's why we give so much attention to the pop singers and why we would all secretly like to be up there on stage and why we all like crowds and like fame and like success. Because there's something in us of Jesus that is crying out and saying, "I am significant. I am important. I am different from everybody else."

That 'something' saying that, is in you. It's Jesus, but you don't realize it. All you sense is "I am important. I am important. I want to be important." And we try to make ourselves important. So what we have is a globe full of four billion frustrated people. Because we are all trying to say to the other four billion, "I am more important than you."

We're all saying that to each other and we're all frustrated and annoying each other to death. The fact is you are unique. You are unique and I am not saying it loved ones the way the psychologists say it to us to make us happy. "Oh you're unique, you are different." "Oh yes, I am. I am not just like everybody." It's not that. You are different. You are unique. Jesus is in you in a way in which He isn't in anybody else.

Now, I don't care if a man or a woman stood up here, swore mightily, and confessed a life that is wretched and filled with sin and filled with evil. It's still true. Jesus is still in you and you have got these 70 years to let Him take over and be in you what He wants to be. After those 70 years, I agree with you. You determine your destiny and you go to hell if you don't accept that. But during these 70 years, you are part of Jesus and Jesus is part of you, that's why I respect you.

That's why it beholds everybody to respect you and love you and look up to you and treat you with dignity and protect you and defend you. It's because Jesus is in you. You were living in Him before you came to earth. You are dear and precious. And the whole purpose of your life is to know Him as your dearest, dearest, not just friend, but as your dearest Savior, as your very heart, the heart of your heart so that He can show you the things that He wants you to do as Him in this world.

It's the old story you know. The insane are not so far from sanity when we think of the poor guy in the psych ward that says, "I am God, I am Jesus Christ." Dear love him. There's something that happens in the borderland that we like to identify as insanity. There's something there where even God is able to get through. He is saying something that is true and right. It's the old story; the truth is not far from error. It's very close.

But loved ones, that's what Christmas is. It's Jesus. It's you and Jesus. What I know God wanted me to share with all of us today is Jesus loves you and He knows you. You're alive because of His life in you. And the whole purpose of your life is so that you and He can do something together. So that He can live a unique life through you, different from everybody else.

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