By Colleen Donahue

One grief in my life has been my quick, unthinking tongue! As a young Christian I was often caught off guard by my words. It puzzled and saddened me but God used this to show me my true heart. This is a short study but we all must learn that ....

Words are the Thermometer of the Heart

Studies continued from Matthew 12


The Scribes and Pharisees had just called Jesus an ally of the Devil (Matthew 12: 24). These were terrible words to say to the Son of God or anyone for that matter. But their words brought out in the open what was in their heart. Jesus used this opportunity to teach us some important truths.

Day 1- How do we get an indication of what is in one's heart?
Matthew 12: 34-35

This is the first important truth: We are continually revealing what we are, by what we say.

Day 2- What is the second truth Jesus points out regarding our words?
Matthew 12: 36

Day 3- Most of us show some caution and prudence in our choice of words. Why is this restraint good?
Matthew 12:37

Day 4- It's when we are "off our guard" that words we speak reveal our true character.
Psalm 10:7 / Psalm 55:21 / Proverbs 12:18

Day 5- It's idle words that do the most damage. Once they are spoken you can't bring them back.
James 3: 5-12

Day 6- When the heart is right with God then our speech will be right. Consider this advice.....
Matthew 5:37 / Colossians 4:6

Day 7- When we learn to talk under God's direction what will be the result?
James 3:2


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