By Ernest O'Neill

When Will God Act For Us in an Impossible Situation?

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

This dear book says, if you are facing a Goliath, something that is bigger than you can handle, know that God has sent them to you. And he sent him to you for one purpose: that His strength and His life would be seen by you, and by others who know you. And he says to you commit your way to the Lord, whether it goes well, whether it goes bad. Commit your way to the lord, commit your whole life to him, stop trying to run it yourself and then trust in him. That is, do whatever he tells you, send whatever thing you’re supposed to send and then rest in trust and then God will act.

Just one last thing. If you worry and are anxious, if you keep on brooding about the thing or are anxious, you prevent God acting. That’s it. You prevent God acting. He is only able to act by your faith and through your faith, and if you don’t rest, but you worry and are anxious, you don’t exercise faith and that prevents him operating. Now you may say, “Wait a minute, why should the mighty God of the universe tie himself to my fate?” For one reason, for free will; he wants to preserve your free will and he will never release his mighty power unless you believe him to release it.

You don’t give something to an attorney and then go back the next week and take it out of his hands and then the next week go back and give it to him again, and then go back the next week and take it out of his hands, you don’t. The man wouldn’t deal with you at all, he’d say, you either leave it in my hands and I deal with it, or you take it over yourself. Now it’s the same with the Father, loved ones.