By Ernest O'Neill

What's Behind Our Worry and Anxiety?

Rev. Ernest O'Neill

The Bible talks about elemental spirits of the universe; well that's what it is when we come into worry and anxiety. When that happens, you have the feeling that something has got a grip on you that you can't overcome. Whether it's the young woman who is anxious to get married and knows it's wrong to be anxious or the guy that is determined to find the right girl or the mortgage money or the bills that can't get paid or the job that we're about to lose. You get anxious about the thing, don't you, and you feel "this thing has control of me." Well, brothers and sisters, that's because there are elemental spirits of the universe, that's what the bible talks about.

There are spirits that govern this world as it tries to live outside God's plan for it and there's a whole way of life that has been setup by these elemental spirits of the universe.