By Ernest O'Neill

What Should We Do When Troubles Come?

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

Loved ones, you can take a definite step this morning. You can take a definite step in line with reality. You can first of all thank God for the Goliath, thank him that he refuses to let you go on playing at God. Thank him. Secondary causes are useful philosophically, but really from the point of view of spiritual experience, it’s God that finally allows this thing to come to you, so thank him for it. Don’t see it as some wildcat comet that has happened to come into your life, see it as something that the Lord God knows you need, and thank him for it.

And then commit your way to the Lord. Back off this business of trying to control your life, trying to make it go a certain way, say, Lord whatever way you want us to go, I’ll commit it to you, and then trust in him. That is, do what he tells you to do practically speaking, and then forget it, and live in absolute trust and cast the thing from your mind as far as the East is from the West, and then your God will act.