By Ernest O'Neill

What is True Repentance?

by Rev. Ernest O'Neill

Then some of us talk about repentance. We say, "Oh yes, you have to repent, you know, if you're going to be saved or you're going to become a Christian or you're going to know God, you have to repent", and so we get all caught up in this business of repentance. Well, repentance is making restitution. I have to give back everything that I have taken from anybody dishonestly. I have to make apologies to people that I've hurt or offended. I have to make things right with everybody. That's what repentance is. It isn't just feeling sorry or feeling remorse, it's making things right.

But, first of all it's taking the sword out of the side of the one who has born it for you, that's the first thing. Repentance is not "Lord, I realize that my unclean actions and my unclean thoughts were a sword into your side, and I am going to do my best to stop that from this time on." That's not repentance. That's mockery. That's saying, "Lord, I am going to try to stop doing this next week. If I can, I am going to try to stop doing it."

Loved ones, repentance is saying to Jesus, "Lord Jesus, I realize that you have borne these sins in your own body and I am not going to make you bear this one any longer. I am stopping this. I am laying my sword down today whatever the cost to me, it's nothing compared with the cost to you of not laying it down."