By Ernest O'Neill

What Is Repentance?

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

Repentance is not never sinning at this point in your life before your heart is cleansed -- but it is a refusal to accept sinning as normal in your life. It is a refusal to reject the word of God. It is a constant belief that the normal Christian life is one that is free from unclean hearts and free from unclean life. And that is the way into the place of full consecration.

It is a desperate crying out to God. It isn't the crying out to man. "Why? Why can I not stop sinning?" While you're crying out to man, while you're having little counseling sessions, while you're reading the books, while you're talking to other people saying, "Why can I not stop sinning even though I am a Christian", while you're doing that, you're just pretending. You're just pretending. While you're trying to justify your situation, you're not even serious. But when you're desperate enough to cry out to the Holy Spirit, "Holy Spirit, why can I not stop this? Why?" Then you're coming into the place of full consecration where the dear Holy Spirit Himself can begin to deal with you and can explain to you in what ways your heart is not clean for Him to dwell and He will explain it to you loved ones because He wants to dwell in your heart. Your heart was made for His indwelling, that's why your heart is there.