By Ernest O'Neill

What is Our First Step in an Impossible Situation?

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

Now, how is God going to bring the answer for you in your Goliath? Well, loved ones, the first thing to do is Psalm 37:5: "Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act." Commit your “Goliath”? No, no. So, you’ve a financial situation that is impossible. You have an imminent disaster coming in your domestic situation; you have an intractable problem at school; immediately you commit your WAY to the Lord, you don’t commit your Goliath to the Lord. You don’t start looking at your Goliath and examining him and looking thoroughly at the appearance of impossibility that he has, you don’t look at your Goliath. You commit your way to the Lord that is your way of life. The whole way your life has been developing over these years, the whole way you have started to manage your life; you get out of the life management business, you get out of the universe ruling business, you commit your way to the Lord. The reason the Father has sent you this Goliath is, because you’re getting uppity. You’re getting everything under your own control and it’s so limited, that he knows you’re going to die in misery, and so he sends a Goliath to lift you out of your tendency to manage your own life. That’s why the first step is to commit your way to the Lord. To back right off this whole situation, see why is it a Goliath to you? Well, because you’re trying to tackle it yourself, that’s why it’s a Goliath.

It’s a Goliath because you are used to the idea that only your ability is available. And that if you don’t do something about it, it will all collapse and the Father knows that and he knows that it’s only a matter of time before you hit a nervous breakdown with that kind of attitude to life, and so he has sent this Goliath to get you to step right out of the world management, right out of the universe ruling situation, right out of the control your own life situation and to commit your way to the Lord.

In other words, step right back. Look away from Goliath completely and say, “Lord, I commit my way to you, whatever way this goes, whether he kills me or not, I commit this to you, Lord. I commit my way to you, I commit my life to you, I commit it to you, whether it’s a failure or whether it’s a success, I commit my way to you whatever you want.” That would help a lot of us, of course, to see straight on the Goliaths, because a lot of the Goliath that we have are things that we won’t let go of. There are houses that we won’t sell or a car we won’t sell or a stereo we won’t let go of or the relationship that we have to have and the fact that it’s a Goliath at all, shows that you’re way off course, you’re way off course.