By Ernest O'Neill

What is Faith? #2

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

So, how does God plan to realize this miracle He wrought in Jesus in our present lives? Well, obviously by faith -- but what is faith? Do you see faith is not just an opinion, not just an assent to certain truths? In the English language, we have words like "think" and "hold" and "conceive" for that kind of mental activity.

Faith is not simply a mental assent to certain truths. Have you faith in Excedrin? You know what I mean, do you personally take Excedrin when you have a headache? I don't mean that Excedrin is a great tablet to take, I mean, do you take it, do you have faith in Excedrin? In the English language when we use faith, we normally mean the commitment of the whole personality to something, the involvement of the whole life. Have you faith in Bob Short or in some other politician means: will you vote for him? It doesn't simply mean what do you think of him or do you believe he'll be a good senator. When we use faith in the English language we mean the same as the Greek word for belief, it is the word 'pistos'. It means not just mental concept or belief or mental assent, it means an action based on that belief. It means a life lived on the basis of certain beliefs. It means action taken in full confidence and trust that certain things are true.

Have you faith in Chevrolets really means -- do you buy Chevrolets? Do you actually follow up with your opinion with your own life's action? Loved ones, do you see that in our ordinary English language faith never means a belief that is mental or an assent that is intellectual? It always means a life lived on the basis of certain beliefs. It means the commitment of the whole personality to something you have full confidence and trust in. Now that's the kind of attitude God requires in us in order to make real the miraculous destruction of that selfish streak in us which took place on Calvary in Jesus. It is that kind of attitude, that's what real faith is.