By Ernest O'Neill

What is Faith #1

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

God looks into your heart and he looks there to find the faith that he is a God of encouragement who acts and backs up what he says. Now how do you get that kind of faith? Well, first of all, be clear what that kind of faith is. It's not hoping that things will turn outright. It's not hoping for the best. It's not having mental theories about faith. It's not exercising the power of positive thinking. In fact, it's strange -- it's not looking forward at all. Real faith is looking back. Real faith is confidence of what has already happened.

Now I'll show you that verse though I think you've looked at it before but I'd like you to look at it again loved ones. It states it clearly in Galatians 6:14. "But far be it from me to glory except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world." Faith is absolute confidence that that is true, that the world has been crucified to me. That is, Gideon had absolute confidence that in eternity, in timeless spaceless eternity, God had put all those Malachites and Jebusites, and had destroyed them there in Christ. And that was all already done and that was able to be manifested in time and space here as soon as one person believed it, that's it.

Faith is absolute confidence that God has destroyed the powers in this world that are trying to destroy your life, that's it. So you think you know whether it's a boss or whether it's your finances or whether it's a sickness in your body or whether it's your career or all the many people that seem to be messing up your life, God has taken them, put them into his Son, destroyed them and their power to affect your life adversely. And the moment you believe that he works a miracle. He manifests that right here in time and space.