By Ernest O'Neill

What if I Got Divorced?

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

It seems to me brother the same verse applies, “If you’re married do not seek to be unmarried.  If you’re divorced do not seek to be un-divorced unless you can reconcile.”  We’ll deal with divorce, I’m afraid it will be two Sundays on now, but the Bible clearly encourages you to be reconciled to the one from whom you were divorced so undoubtedly one should do that.  But I was taking it that you were saying what about a loved one who divorced years ago and the partner has married again, or they have married again, then you cannot go back and create all the chaos and unhappiness that would come from breaking up marriages and remarrying.  But where it was possible to be reconciled either because you yourself had no married again, or because the other person had not married again then God says we should do it.