By Ernest O'Neill

We Have the Power to Choose What We Really Are!

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

So in a sense, loved ones, you can choose.  That is really what I want to get over to you in these Sundays.  You actually do have the power to choose.  It is a bluff when we say we can't.  I agree with you, you can't!  The old personality that you have at the moment is enslaved to society, but you have experienced the same thing that I have.  You have been changed in Jesus, and you can let that life flood through your whole life if you so choose.

Just one more thing.  When I switch on a light switch, do you think I switch it and then some guy behind the wall calls Northern States Power Electric Company, and says, "Let’s get the old river flowing, let’s get the hydro-electric power going," or that he says to some guy beside him, "Throw some more coal on the fire; there is a guy down in Garden Court who wants some electricity.”  No, you don't.  The power is right there behind the switch.  All you have to do is switch that switch, and the power comes through all the wires and up into the light.

It's the same with you.  That's why this verse says the word of faith is on your lips and in your heart.  It is right round you.  You are in the middle of victory at this moment.  All you have to do is speak and act it forth and believe it in your own heart.

I know it's unbelievable, but it is the truth.  You can start living as you were meant to live this very moment.  You can have a sense of righteousness with your God this very moment.  A sense of rightness that will go through all your life, because there is only one right way to live, and that is depending and trusting the dear Father who has sent you here, and enjoying Him.