Walking in Step With God

The Knitting Lesson by Jean-Francois Millet

This painting is a snapshot of a mother teaching her young daughter how to knit. Both of their faces are glued on their project. The mother's skillful hands are placed on top of her daughter's hands to guide the knitting process.

All the focus is on one thing -- getting the needles to move the right way to create the basic knitting stitch. There is no hurry to go fast and no worry if a stitch isn't right. It can always be undone.

The young daughter works only in partnership with her mom. Without her mom's guiding hands the stitches would be all wrong and thus the garment would be all wrong as well. But because she lets her mother guide the whole process, the work is getting done and it's getting done right.

Now this is a dear snapshot of how we are meant to work with God or shall we say He with us. It was God's will in making us that each and every person would do a special assigned task in partnership with Himself. We were meant to let God provide for us and to actually work and walk hand in hand with Him.

Man was never meant to "take the ball and run with it" apart from God. When we walk in step with God the right things get done and those things get done right.

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