By Colleen Donahue

As we continue in our study of Matthew we hear Jesus for the third time warning his disciples that he was on his way to the Cross. And in the next events he uses His own life as an object lesson to teach us.....


How to Walk Through Your Life in God's Will

Studies continued from Matthew 20:17-19 / Matthew 21: 1-11

Day 1- In a former study we looked at how the Son of Man and his death upon the Cross for all men was predicted. Now, in these verses we have Christ for the third time warning His disciples that He is on the way to the Cross.
Matthew 20: 17-19

Day 2- In Mark's gospel we see another important detail.
Mark 10:32

We are not told whether Jesus felt any fear, but if He did He was walking out and ahead of his disciples straight towards it with his fearful disciples following behind.

Day 3- In Luke's gospel we are told another important detail.
Luke 18:31
Jesus knew before coming to earth what His destiny would be. It had all been predicted. Now, He would be walking through history in real time. As the Son of God He could look ahead and know what would happen.

Day 4- In these verses Jesus lovingly tries to prepare his fearful disciples. Notice the first two warnings were brief and without the gory details.
Matthew 16:21 / Matthew 17: 22-23

But now, He lists very specifically what will be happening. There will be six events.
Matthew 20: 18-19

Day 5- Clearly Jesus knew God's will for His life. While He had no doubt that He would obey God's will, it must have also appeared daunting before His mind's eye. In these next verses Jesus shows us how to obey and walk through the will of God for our own life. Read through the account of this historical procession in Matthew, Mark and Luke to get the big picture.
Matthew 21: 1-11 / Mark 11: 1-11 / Luke 19: 29-44

Day 6 - The first thing we notice is that Jesus went straight towards God's will. In Matthew 20:18a He says, "We are going up to Jerusalem." Then in Matthew 21:1a, "as they approached Jerusalem." Jerusalem at this time of the Passover would be teeming with people, many of whom hated Him and had vowed to kill Him. He was entering a hostile city. God's will for us may not be of this magnitude but the key here is once we know it and the time is right we need to focus our attention and walk straight towards it.
Proverbs 4: 25-27

Day 7- All throughout His life Jesus walked towards God's will and attended to the details. But, His eyes were always fixed in one place.
Psalm 105:4 / Psalm 123: 1

Day 8- So with us. While we obey God's will in the details of this life, our eyes must always be kept upon God and His bigger plan.
2 Corinthians 4:18 / Hebrews 12:2

By doing this what will we be kept from?
Hebrews 12:3

Day 9- Next we see that the Lord planned ahead for what needed to happen.
Matthew 21: 2-3
He had probably arranged with a friend and supporter to provide a colt and the key words were "The Lord needs them."

Day 10- Planning -- here is where so many of us miss it. We say we'll walk on and just "let the Spirit lead me!". He won't. The Holy Spirit will not reward laziness. Notice that even God Himself planned for us and then did what He planned!
Psalm 40:5 / Isaiah 46:10-11 / Ephesians 1:11

For example: In seeking God for your life direction you sense He wants you in the medical profession. Once you know that fact then (still in reliance upon God) you begin to plan for it and implement those plans. God wants us to walk in His plan even more than we do. In carrying out your plan He will be there opening and closing doors for you.

Day 11- Now notice HOW Jesus rides into Jerusalem.
Matthew 21: 5,7

When a king came riding into a city on a horse it meant war. But when he came on a donkey it was a sign that he had come in peace. So Jesus is giving us a living demonstration that we are to walk into God's will in peace. This peace is different from what the world's idea of peace is. It is a gift from God.
John 14:27

Day 12- In fact peace is the gift OF GOD coming into our life and daily circumstances.
John 16:33 / Ephesians 2:14

Day 13 - How do we maintain peace in our life?
Isaiah 26: 3-4

Therefore peace is not dependent upon our outward circumstances. Peace is a choice we make. We are meant to walk in peace fully dependent upon God.
Colossians 3: 15

Day 14- When Jesus rode into Jerusalem it was in peace AND in triumph. When you triumph you celebrate victory or great success. Jesus came riding into this potentially hostile city on center stage and the people triumphed with Him.
Matthew 21:9

Day 15- But how could He triumph when He knew that death was only days away?
Matthew 16:21 / Matthew 20:19 / John 2:19

It's because Jesus also knew that death was not going to be the end of the story.

Day 16- As we walk into God's will for our own life, we are meant to walk in peace AND triumph even if everything looks like it's against us. Who leads us in our triumph?
2 Corinthians 2:14

Day 17- For every duty and task we are called to, God has the provision for us in advance. We too know the end of the story, and can walk in victory even through apparent defeat.
John 16:33 / 2 Corinthians 1:20 / Revelations 3:21

Day 18- God will often use other people to help us and provide for us and we need to let them. Read again how the disciples helped in the preparations, a friend was willing to lend a colt, the disciples offered their cloaks as a saddle, and the crowd paved the way with palm branches.
Matthew 21: 1-3; 6-8

God Himself was Christ's support.
Psalm 18:35 / Psalm 41: 11-12

Day 19- How will He support us?
Proverbs 2:8 / Isaiah 41:10 / Isaiah 46:4

Day 20 - While Jesus used God's provision of other people, He never let them take Him off course. He lived to please His Father and obey Him only. People are fickle. Today they cheered Jesus and wanted to make Him king, but in a few more days they would be some of the same ones calling for His death.
Matthew 21:9 / Matthew 27: 22-25

Day 21- We are to walk in God's will pleasing Him first and foremost. Even our closest friends and family can be a force in getting us off track when we make decisions based on fear of man rather than fear of God.
Psalm 19:25 / Isaiah 51:12-13a / Luke 12:4-5

Day 22- We don't need to explain ourselves to others. Let them ask questions and answer the questions themselves. Jesus did.
Matthew 21: 10-11

Day 23- Finally, when we obey God's will we fulfill part of His plan for this world. Here Jesus fulfills what was predicted in ....
Zechariah 9:9 / Matthew 21:5

Day 24- There may not be a prophet's verse for what God is asking of us, but it will be fulfilling what He has written down concerning our days on earth.
Psalm 139:16 / Ephesians 2:10

Let's summarize our Lord's object lesson as He rode into Jerusalem.

1. Once you know God's will in a matter go straight towards it.....

2. but, keep your eyes on God.

3. Make plans for what God has asked of you, while trusting Him to keep you on course.

4. Walk into God's will in peace.

5. Walk into His will in triumph and victory even before you see it.

6. Let God support and help you through others.

7. But never let fear of man take you off course. Live to please God first.

8. Know that when you walk in obedience to God you fulfill some part of His plan for this world.

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