By Ernest O'Neill

Walking By Conscience Keeps Us Close to God

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

If you say to me, "Well, how do you know? How do you know when you are really having faith in him and when you're really having faith in others?" Loved ones, your conscience, your conscience will tell you. Your conscience informed by this word day-by-day. Your conscience is the gyro-compass that will keep you close to God.

Now here is some of the difficulty we get into. We share with each other how to find God and then, many of us get involved in those little formulae and we say, "If I do this and this and this, I ought to get this degree of closeness to God." And we get involved in a technique. The only way to get close to God is to listen to his voice inside your conscience and to obey it and do it. Then as you do it, he reflects his favor in your life and he makes his presence real.