The videos listed in this list are generally from 2-8 minutes long and are extracted from full talks given by Rev. Ernest O'Neill to a large U.S.A. university audience. These talks were delivered between 1970 - 2001.

Topic: Man & Our Purpose in Life

Addiction to Unreality

Are We Just a Product of Our Genetic Makeup?

Are You At Peace With Your Maker?

Do You Know How Important You Are?

Do You Know Why You are Here on Earth?

Do You Know Why You Exist?

Dominated by This World

God Has Changed Us In Jesus

God Has Great Things For You to Do

God Has Put Eternity into Man's Mind

God's Plan For Each of Us

God's Will Concerning Man

Happy, Important, and Secure

Has God's Word Failed For You?

How Are You Unique?

How Did God Plan For Us to Operate?

How Did We Lose Our Dependence on God's Love?

How Do We Miss God's Purpose?

How Can Our Problems Be Dealt With?

Jesus Will Be Our Judge

Nobody Is Perfect - Is That God's Plan?

Our Conscience Carries God's Unique Plan For Us!

Selfish or Unselfish - What Are You?

The Central Problem of Mankind

The Eternal Bus Ride

The Great Lie We are Born With

The One Essential For Real Life

There is Nobody Else Like You

We Act Because of a Sense of Eternity

We Are New Creations in Christ

What Is God's Plan For Our Security?

What Is Man Like?

What Was God's Plan For Us?

When Are We Most Alive?

When God Looks At Us He Sees His Son

Where Do We Get Our Moral Sense?

Why Can't We Handle Life on Our Own

Why Won't We Accept God's Plan For Our Security?

Why Did God Make Us With Free Wills?

Why Did God Make Us This Way?

Why We Can't Thank God

Will Your Life Count After You Die?

You Are Unique #1

You Are Unique #2 (Different Clip from Above)

You Can Receive Life That Conquers Death


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