The videos listed in this list are generally from 2-8 minutes long and are extracted from full talks given by Rev. Ernest O'Neill to a large U.S.A. university audience. These talks were delivered between 1970 - 2001.

Topic: Jesus- Who is he?

Jesus Became King Without Force

Jesus is the Reason For the Season- Part 1

Jesus is the Reason For the Season - Part 2

Is Jesus The Son of the Creator?

The Eternal Bus Ride

Was Jesus a Lunatic?

Was Jesus a Legend?

What is the Incarnation? 


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SECTION 1: Did Jesus Really Live?

1A-Help From Outside This Planet

1B- Jesus and the Historians Who Wrote About Him

1C-The Eye-Witness Accounts of Christ's Life

1D- Saul of Tarsus- A Most Reluctant Witness

1E-The General Public as Witnesses

1F- The Manuscript Evidence

Jesus - Abuse & Embarrassment

SECTION 2: Where Did It All Start?

2A- His Birth

2B- The Times Surrounding Christ's Birth

2C- Ancient Times

2D-Ideal Conditions

2E- Unusual Events

2F- The Very Beginning

SECTION 3: What Was Jesus Like?

3A- His Heritage and Character

3B- His Authority

3C- A Free Man


SECTION 4: What Did Jesus Teach?

4A- The Kingdom of God: A Place of Tremendous Potential

4B- The Kingdom of God: The Key to Finding Our Purpose

4C- The Kingdom of God: It's More Than Doing All the Right Things

4D- God is Our Father

4E- Love is What Characterizes His Kingdom

4F- A Decision is Needed

SECTION 5: What Did Jesus Do?

5A- Miracles

5B- The Great Physician


SECTION 6: What Did Jesus Claim?

6A- He Came From Heaven So We Could See God

6B- He Was God in Human Form

6C- Promises That Backed Up His Claim

6D- "I Am"

SECTION 7: Why Did Jesus Die?

7A- Understanding His Mission - the Fall

7B-Understanding His Mission - Restoration

7C- God's Plan To Reverse The Fall of Man

7D- What Happened That Led to Christ's Death?

7E- His Death Was Voluntary

7F- Man's Heart

7G- How Is It That When Jesus Died We Also Died?

7H- Jesus Covers our Past and Present Sins

7I- Jesus Covers our Future

7J- The Day Christ Died

7K-Dark Days


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