The videos listed in this list are generally from 2-8 minutes long and are extracted from full talks given by Rev. Ernest O'Neill to a large U.S.A. university audience. These talks were delivered between 1970 - 2001.

Topic: Jesus- Who is he?

Jesus Became King Without Force

Jesus Gave His Life For You

Jesus Gave All And So Must We

Jesus Himself Died For You

Jesus is the Reason For the Season- Part 1

Jesus is the Reason For the Season - Part 2

Is Jesus The Son of the Creator?

The Power That Overcomes The World

Was Jesus a Lunatic?

Was Jesus a Legend?


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SECTION 1: Did Jesus Really Live?

1A-Help From Outside This Planet

1B- Jesus and the Historians Who Wrote About Him

1C-The Eye-Witness Accounts of Christ's Life

1D- Saul of Tarsus- A Most Reluctant Witness

1E-The General Public as Witnesses

1F- The Manuscript Evidence

Jesus - Abuse & Embarrassment

SECTION 2: Where Did It All Start?

2A- His Birth

2B- The Times Surrounding Christ's Birth

2C- Ancient Times

2D-Ideal Conditions

2E- Unusual Events

2F- The Very Beginning

SECTION 3: What Was Jesus Like?

3A- His Heritage and Character

3B- His Authority

3C- A Free Man


SECTION 4: What Did Jesus Teach?

4A- The Kingdom of God: A Place of Tremendous Potential

4B- The Kingdom of God: The Key to Finding Our Purpose

4C- The Kingdom of God: It's More Than Doing All the Right Things

4D- God is Our Father

4E- Love is What Characterizes His Kingdom

4F- A Decision is Needed

SECTION 5: What Did Jesus Do?

5A- Miracles

5B- The Great Physician


SECTION 6: What Did Jesus Claim?

6A- He Came From Heaven So We Could See God

6B- He Was God in Human Form

6C- Promises That Backed Up His Claim

6D- "I Am"

SECTION 7: Why Did Jesus Die?

7A- Understanding His Mission - the Fall

7B-Understanding His Mission - Restoration

7C- God's Plan To Reverse The Fall of Man

7D- What Happened That Led to Christ's Death?

7E- His Death Was Voluntary

7F- Man's Heart

7G- How Is It That When Jesus Died We Also Died?

7H- Jesus Covers our Past and Present Sins

7I- Jesus Covers our Future

7J- The Day Christ Died

7K-Dark Days


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