By Ernest O'Neill

Trust in Him and He Will Act

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

When you are on course, the Lord is giving you prosperity and strength. When you hit a Goliath, he is giving you that to show you you’re way off course, and he wants you to commit your whole way to him and say, “Lord, whatever you want to do, I’ll do.” That’s the first thing. Step right back and commit your way to the Lord.

The second step is in that verse, “trust in him and he will act”. Trust in him and he will act. Trust is really nice, because it’s what you did when you were a little guy or a little girl and your dad said he would carry you over this river, over this narrow bridge and you were so used to being confident about him, that it didn’t matter how perilous the bridge looked, he just put you in his arms and you just lay there in trust, absolute trust. In fact it was kind of fun you remember, being in your dad’s arms, because it seems you were safer than if you were in your own arms. It always seems safer when you are in your dad’s arms or your mum’s arms. That’s what trust means.

If you commit your way to the Lord, God will tell you, send that check in, write that letter, make that phone call, just do that and then trust, just rest and trust in God. Here’s what we do: we make the phone call, we send the check in, we write the letter and then we get down to the real business of worrying and we start trying to think, now, what will he do if he gets this letter, and what will she do if she gets that phone call, and how will they react and how will I react, and we wear ourselves out. We go through all the motions of all the possible variations and permutations that could take place.

That is not trust. That is still the business of taking care of your own life and controlling your own affairs. No, trust in God. Live in trust in him through this coming week. Not a word, not a shadow of doubt, not a moment of anxiety, you do what he tells you to do and you trust in him. And God does for you what he did for David. And he by his own power brings the Goliath down and don’t try to get some heavy armor on, don’t think, well, I’ll just help God. God is usually saying, “Don’t help me, don’t help me, just don’t help me.” Don’t help him. Make things hard on God and easy on yourself. Just rest in him, don’t put armor on. If he tells you to pick up five little stones, don’t argue with him, don’t say, “Oh, these stones won’t kill Goliath.” They won’t kill Goliath, that’s not what is going to kill Goliath; it’s going to be God’s power through your faith. You’re just picking up the stones to show that you do trust him and you know that this whole thing is going to be a supernatural work of his. Loved ones, that’s it.