By Colleen Donahue


"For I know whom I have believed...." 2 Timothy 1:12

Last month we looked at unbelief--that dangerous pride in man that denies God or His power to accomplish what He states in His word. Basilea Schlink says this from her book "You'll Never Be the Same"...

"The first "MUST" in fighting unbelief and discouragement is to pay homage to the truth and admit that we ourselves are at fault if we do not experience God's love and help. For unbelief breaks our association with God and erects a barrier against Him, which prevents His stream of love and help from flowing towards us.... We have to let God show us the deepest reason for our unbelief and pride. Our next goal of faith, in order to conquer unbelief and discouragement, must be to admit before God and man that pride makes us blind to the Father's love. Only the humble will have their eyes opened to see God the Father in His infinite love. The humble will receive help."

This month we want to move forward from unbelief to being...


Day 1- What question confronts us when we find ourselves in circumstances beyond our own strength?
Matthew 9:28b

Day 2- What is the first step towards being a believer?
Mark 1:15

Day 3- It is not "what" we believe that is important but WHO we believe.
John 14:1 / Acts 16:31

Day 4 -If we believe, what becomes possible for us?
Mark 9:23

Day 5 -What does the Bible exhort us NOT to believe?
I John 4:1

Day 6 -How can we recognize what is true from God?
I John 4:2-3

Day 7 -True believing is not only a matter of the head.
Romans 10:8-10

Day 8 -What did Jesus promise to those who would believe in Him?
John 7:37-39

Day 9 -For the Jews that claimed to believe in Jesus and wanted to be His disciples, Jesus let them know that "lip service" wasn't enough. What did they need to do?
John 8:31
What did Jesus promise as a result?
John 8:32

Day 10- Jesus dares us to believe in Him if He in fact meets the criterion of being the Son of God. What is that criterion?
John 10:37-38 / John 20:30-31

Day 11 -When we say we believe in Jesus but never talk about Him or confess Him before others, what is usually the reason?
John 12:42-43

Day 12 -When we believe in Jesus who else must we believe in?
John 12:44-45

Day 13 -How does belief in Jesus and His Father change our own life?
2 Corinthians 5:17 / Romans 8:1

Day 14 -How do we live?
2 Corinthians 5:7

Day 15 -What do we stop doing?
Galatians 5:16

Day 16 -These changes in our lives come because of God's high calling for our life.
Ephesians 4:1

Day 17 -How does our life pattern after Jesus?
Ephesians 5:2 / Colossians 2:6

Day 18 -How do we relate to others?
I John 1:7

Day 19 -In matters of "religion" what is always the key issue that divides the true Christian from a religious person?
Mark 8:27-29 / John 11:27

Day 20 -An old saying says "Seeing is Believing". Is this true?
John 20:29

Day 21- Many today talk like they believe in God but don't act like it. What is the danger of this?
James 2:18-24

Day 22- What four things are we called to believe?
Mark 1:14-15 / Hebrews 11:6 (look for two things here) / I John 3:23a


Day 23 -Salvation
Mark 16:16 / Romans 1:16

Day 24 -Unlimited Blessing
Mark 9:23

Day 25 -Answers to prayer
Mark 11:24

Day 26 -Removal of obstacles
Luke 17:6

Day 27 -Divine sonship
John 1:12

Day 28 -Eternal life
John 3:14-15 / John 11:25-26

Day 29 -Spiritual fullness
John 6:35

Day 30 -Spiritual light
John 12:46

Day 31 -Power for service
John 14:12-14

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