Studies in Job


DD89- The Story of Job --Part 1--Opposition
In the oldest book of the Bible, God gives us a living example of a very righteous man who suffered almost beyond our comprehension. Through his story we may find some of the answers for our own trials and hardships.

DD90- The Story of Job--Part 2--Job Aroused to Anger
Job in talking with his "friends" about "What have I done to deserve this?" becomes so angry that in desperation he accuses God. Are we accusing God in our anger for the hardships in our life?

DD91- The Story of Job -- Part 3--Job in the Crucible
Although suffering is not always caused by our sins it can nevertheless by used by God to show us our true nature and the need that each one of us has to be "born again" in God. Slowly and painfully Job comes to see God's greater purposes behind his situation.


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