Wholly For God

DD42- What conditions does Jesus lay out for those of us today that wish to call ourselves His disciples?
Jesus found Himself with a lot of people following Him and wanting to be a part of the latest phenomena. But to be in close fellowship with Him -- a disciple--required more than most wanted to give.

DD43- How Can We Please God?
How Can We Please God? Our heavenly Father is delighted when we stop just wanting to "get" from Him and really desire just to "be" with Him.

DD84- Elijah--Part 1--One Light in the Darkness
Is there anything that ONE man can do against the evils of their day? In themselves-- no -- but called by God--Yes! Elijah was such a man and the theme of this study.

DD133-Jesus Choosing His Staff and Our Own Calling - Matthew 9:9-12 & Matthew 10:1-4
How could God ever use someone like me? Why would he want to? What does God see in me? If these are any of the questions you have asked about yourself then this study will answer some of them for you. We may never know what God sees in us but we know that he sees past our ordinary exterior to our heart. Because he knows us from the inside out he is able to use us with other men and woman that are like who we are.

DD134-The Formation of Christianity in a Jewish World with the First Disciples - Matthew 9:16,17 / Matthew 10:5-42
This study looks at the problem of new ideas and the need for Christianity to be established apart from Judaism. Then we'll learn Christ's instruction to his first disciples and messengers which still relate to us today.

DD143- Christ's True Spiritual Family - Matthew 12:46-50
Often our families are the ones who understand us the least. That was the case for Jesus as well. In this study Jesus makes clear who his true spiritual family is.

DD145-A Clean Heart and How We Get It - Matthew 15:1-20
Are you making yourself sick? You act one way before men but inside you know there is impurity, wrong motives, bad thinking and pride -- all of which you have continually tried to keep hidden. If you are at this point and long for the holiness that God wants for you then this study will clarify what a clean heart is and how you can have one.

DD175 - Are You Doing God's Will?
Some of us show reluctance towards God but follow him anyways, while others of us talk like we are on God's side but our actions don't match our talk. So how can we know where we stand in aligning our life with God? This study will help us answer the question, "Are we doing God's will?"


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