Who We Are/ Our Purpose

DD9-Who Are You in Christ?
A look at the truth about ourselves and who we are because of Jesus Christ.

DD27-True Believers
If unbelief breaks our association with God, then believing His truths will unite us again. A look at what is is to be "true Believers."

DD42- What conditions does Jesus lay out for those of us today that wish to call ourselves His disciples?
Jesus found Himself with a lot of people following Him and wanting to be a part of the latest phenomena. But to be in close fellowship with Him -- a disciple--required more than most wanted to give.

DD63- David --Part I - Does God Use Nobodies?
What does God look for in choosing his servants? If you feel you are a nobody that could not possibly be of any use to God then you'll gain some new insights from our study of David.

DD64- David--Part 2
In part 2 of our study of King David we will take a look at how God is able to use a "weak vessel" to do mighty things if we will just let HIM do the work.

DD94- The Life of Jeremiah--Part 1 - A Life of Faith in God
Our human potential can only be fulfilled when God's will is fulfilled rather than our own. Life is therefore lived at its best when its lived by faith in God. Jeremiah, our subject lived such a life. He was more interested in what God wanted for his life than in what he wanted. Are you?

DD134-The Formation of Christianity in a Jewish World with the First Disciples - Matthew 9:16,17 / Matthew 10:5-42
This study looks at the problem of new ideas and the need for Christianity to be established apart from Judaism. Then we'll learn Christ's instruction to his first disciples and messengers which still relate to us today.

DD138- Called and Equipped For a Mission - Matthew 12:15-21 / Matthew 12:22-29
If you are a Christian then you are Christ's representative now in this world. We'll learn in this study what makes us qualified and how God Himself equips us for the special mission He has for each one of us.

DD189 - Our Position "In Christ" - Part 1 - Getting There and Living From There
The words "in Christ" or "in Him" are peppered throughout the New Testament so that we often skip over them and miss the deep meaning our Father wants us to know. Understanding our position with God --"in Christ"--will enable us to truly partner with God throughout our life on earth and then into eternity.

DD190- Our Position "In Christ" - Part 2 - Getting Back What We Lost
Before anything was even created, God proposed to create us IN HIS SON so that we could all be part of his great family. He means for all of us to have fullness of life, although He knows that some will never take it. When our first parents Adam and Eve fell from grace due to sin, all of us "in them" fell as well and begin life on earth independent from God. Let's look at the ingenious plan of God to restore us to what we were originally meant to be.

DD191- Our Position "In Christ" - Part 3- What We Have By Being "In Christ"
The Father sent Jesus to earth to restore the four things that we lost through sin. When we know and accept His work on our behalf it's like a reset button has been pressed in our life. In this study we look at what we have by being "In Christ".


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