Truth/Meaning of Life

DD68- Solomon--Part 1- A Good Start but what happened? 
Solomon , the successor of King David, was a man that had absolutely everything going for him. But is it our possessions, good jobs and correct circumstances that make life successful?

DD69- Solomon--Part 2-Searching for the Meaning of Life
From the Inside! Solomon was the wealthiest and most famous man in the world in his time. But was he really better off than we are? Did all his advantages satisfy his heart? This study takes us into Solomon's own journal (the book of Ecclesiastes).

DD70- Solomon--Part 3-Conclusions About Life's Meaning
In this study we continue with Solomon in his search for truth and life's meaning. And ...we finally come to some of his observations, admonitions and conclusions.

DD71- Solomon - Part 4 - Conclusions About Life's Meaning (continued)
We've followed Solomon in his search for truth, meaning and reality. Now, Solomon in his later years has come to some definite conclusions. He has rounded a corner and come back to the truth that he knew all along.

DD79- Proverbs--Part 8--The Pathway to Death and the Pathway to Life
Solomon in this study is writing as a father would to his son. He has made a lot of mistakes in his life and ultimately learned a lot of lessons!

DD130-Truth and Those Willing To Listen ( Matthew 7:6, 24-27 )
We will look at "truth" in this study and man's willingness (or unwillingness) to hear and act upon it. Can it be that there are some people who will never accept God's truth?

DD132-Belief is Exposed by Actions - Matthew 7:15-23
Watch out! Beware! Peppered throughout the Lord's teaching to us are these warnings. In the world and sadly within the church there are "wolves dressed in sheep's clothing." The bad is mixed with the good and we must be able to tell the difference. Jesus gives us some guidelines by showing how belief is exposed by actions.

DD136- The Way to Truth - Matthew 11: 12-27
If you have ever met a "know it all" you quickly learn that they don't know it all. You'll discover the two deadly sins that keep "know it alls" from the truth and the one virtue needed by all of us to find the truth.

DD149 -Warnings From Jesus Concerning False Teaching - Matthew 15:29-39
What did Jesus mean when He cautioned us to be on our guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees? In these verses we'll study the warnings Jesus gave concerning false teaching. 


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