Studies in Song of Solomon


DD80- The Song of Solomon--Part 1 -Assurance of Acceptance and Love
The Song of Solomon is Solomon's finest and most important work of writing. It is an allegorical love story that will help you to see the beauties of love in your own walk with Jesus Christ.

DD81- The Song of Solomon--Part 2-- The Call to a Resurrection Life
The closer we come in our walk with Jesus the more we see of our own sin and darkness. Nevertheless, Christ is able to "save to the uttermost"" those that come to Him. We continue our study of this love story and how it relates to our own walk with Jesus.

DD82- The Song of Solomon--Part 3--The Communion of Love
Jesus Christ calls out to each one of us (no matter how black and sinful our life is) desiring to "raise us up with Him into the Heavenly places"". He has a new life ready for each of us who dare to walk with Him into the communion of love.

DD83 The Song of Solomon--Part 4--Into Service With Him
In our last study we find a more mature bride. She is one that is now ready to leave her selfish desires to be in step with her husband and in HIS life and work. Jesus is very patient with us as He waits for us to leave ourselves behind and enter into service with Himself.


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