Studies in Proverbs


DD72- Proverbs --Part I - Wisdom for the Ages
Solomon in his youth was asked a question by God. "What do you want me to give you!"Just imagine what we might ask for?" Find out what he asked for and the results that came from it.

DD73- Proverbs--Part 2--The Path of Folly
In this study we'll look at Solomon's descriptions of five kinds of people on the path of folly. Each person is described vividly and the consequences for living such lives laid out.

DD74- Proverbs--Part 3--Wisdom 1001
Solomon , in asking God for wisdom got it. His insights and understanding were beyond anything he might have ever attained through his own work or study. And so with his God given gift of Wisdom ,Solomon wrote the book on wisdom and we look at it in this study.

DD75- Proverbs--Part 4 --How We Talk
Solomon during his reign as king came to recognize people by how they talk! We might disguise ourselves for awhile , but sooner or later our words will give us away. What kind of person are you?

DD76- Proverbs--Part 5--Making Money, Investing & Giving
Solomon gives us sound advice about making money and investing.

DD77- Proverbs--Part 6--More Advice on Finances And God's Provision
Solomon gives further advice on finances and leads us ultimately to see that God is our true Provider.

DD78- Proverbs--Part 7--Guarding Our Hearts
It is the SOUL of man (our mind ,will and emotions) or what Solomon calls the heart of a man that we study today. What does God see when He looks upon our hearts? How are we to "keep" this very important part of us? "

DD79- Proverbs--Part 8--The Pathway to Death and the Pathway to Life
Solomon in this study is writing as a father would to his son. He has made a lot of mistakes in his life and ultimately learned a lot of lessons!


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