Man's Soul (Mind,Will & Emotions)


DD78- Proverbs--Part 7--Guarding Our Heart
It is the SOUL of man (our mind ,will and emotions) or what Solomon calls the heart of a man that we study today. What does God see when He looks upon our hearts? How are we to "keep" this very important part of us? "

DD127- Coming Out of the Dark and the Cost of Being a Christian ( Matthew 6:22-24/ Matthew 8:18-22 )
We can never accuse Jesus of trying to recruit followers before they knew what would be involved. He wants anyone that wants to be his disciple to count the cost first before making a commitment.

DD142- The Danger of an Empty Mind and Heart - Matthew 12: 43-45
A religion that simply consists of "thou shalt nots" will never be effective at keeping us from evil. It's not enough that we merely stop sinning. The evil must be replaced with the good.


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