Sin - one of the most unpopular topics! A look at why man reacts so strongly. Could it be because he is guilty?

DD40-Has history simply repeated itself?
Is the evil and darkness that we are experiencing in our world today different from that throughout the centuries?

DD58- The Wanderings of Israel -- Learning From History
It was never God's intention that the Israelites should stay out wandering in the desert for 40 years. The prolonged journey was the direct result of sin. If history is to be of any benefit to us today we must look at the sins and failures of men and women who went before us.

DD60- What's Behind the Middle East Crisis? What's Behind our own Crisis?
We sin -- i.e. get ourselves into some kind of trouble or tight spot-- then we cry out to God for help -- then God in His mercy seems to come to us. This is an old pattern that the Israelites faced time and again. But is it our pattern as well? Will this always be our story?

DD61- The Times of Change -- Do You Need a New Start?
We look now at a time in history when things had sunk so low that God began to train a little boy who would become the nation's leader and lead them back on track .Perhaps things are at a low point in your own life and there is need for repentance and a new start.

DD62- The Willfulness of a Nation -- A Lesson For Our Own Lives
Once the Israelites took hold of the Promised land they had their own ideas of what they wanted to do with it and in it. These were very different from what God wanted and so we see the results of a nation made up of willful people.

DD66- David-Part 4-When A Great Man Falls
Beware of those times when everything is going your way and life seems secure. These are the time when we feel the most independent and off our guard. This was such a time for David and we look this month at what happens when a great man falls.

DD67- David--Part 5-The Consequences of Sin
King David, King of Israel , had sinned in a big way. Our study now takes us to consider whether God can forgive the really BIG sins and if we can ever escape the consequences.

DD73- Proverbs--Part 2--The Path of Folly
In this study we'll look at Solomon's descriptions of five kinds of people on the path of folly. Each person is described vividly and the consequences for living such lives laid out.

DD85- Elijah--Part 2--Depression and Self Pity
When we work in the Lord's business we must work in HIS energy, strength and ability. Left to ourselves we have very little ability and in fact see only our fears, inabilities and weakness. Elijah was a strong man who took his eyes off of God. We may see a great deal of ourselves in this study.

DD92- ISAIAH Part 1: Warnings to Israel and Us!
Isaiah was called by God as a prophet to the nation of Judah . God had some warnings to give to this nation through Isaiah. A nation is made up of individuals and the truths in this timeless book are meant for our warning as well.

DD93- ISAIAH Part 2: When We Ignore the Warnings
Just as God uses our natural circumstances and relationships to discipline us, so He used Israel 's own enemies to discipline and chasten them. In the true character of God, He allowed the events of chastening only after His warnings and appeals went unheeded. Isaiah was God's spokesman and his words continue on for us today.

DD95 Jeremiah--Part 2: Last Warnings Before Destruction
The people of Israel under Josiah's reign had a new enthusiasm for God. Church and worship were popular and all the right things were being said. Everything "looked" right but the people themselves were not right. The Heart of Sin within individuals had not changed. Jeremiah was to be the country's last warning before destruction.

DD104-Hosea-Part 1- God's Saving Love
Hosea prophesied at a time when prosperity, moral laxity, corrupt government, wide class distinctions and ritualistic worship were the order of the day. This is the story of God's love to those who have been unfaithful to Him. God's love pursues us even in our most rebellious times because He wants us for His own. His love is a saving love and each one of us is the object of His love.

DD105-Hosea- Part 2: Real Repentance
The Israelites (God's chosen people) had drifted far from God in their hearts. They were making a good outward show and saying the right words but God is not fooled by our empty words. When we have sinned and gone our own independent way God will not be satisfied with anything less than real repentance.

DD106- Jonah- The Prophet Who Ran Away
Have you ever been called by God to do a task that you just could not face? Perhaps you sought to rationalize God's plan to do something more palatable or maybe even to run from it entirely. If you've been in this place, or if you are facing some question of obedience today then you will want to take a closer look at ….. JONAH - The Prophet Who Ran Away .

DD107-Tired of Lies and Ready to Face the Truth?
How many people do you know that have cancer but go around saying they are basically healthy? No, when you have cancer you find out what kind you have, where it is located, and all the relevant details about it. It's only when a person looks squarely at the facts that he can even begin to be treated. The same is true with the heart of man. We need to look at the facts before we can begin to accept God's cure! If you are tired of lies, and are ready to face truth, then God has an abundant life available for you.

DD108-Do You Love God or Are You Just Religious?
Certainly God loves the praise and worship of His people. But we'll soon see that man likes "to do his own thing" while appeasing God at the same time. So the real question for us to be honest about is this: Do you love God or are you just religious?

DD128- The High Cost of Worry (Matthew 6: 25,34)
The world says that worry is a normal part of our life but worry in God's eyes IS NOT a normal part of life. IT IS NOT a harmless activity that is natural to the human race. If you are prone to worry then you'll want to carefully consider Christ's teaching on this important subject.

DD140- An Unforgivable Sin - Matthew 12: 31-33
Do you ever wonder whether you have committed the "unpardonable sin" or felt fearful lest it should ever happen? This study will reveal the one person that can't be guilty of this sin.

DD142- The Danger of an Empty Mind and Heart - Matthew 12: 43-45
A religion that simply consists of "thou shalt nots" will never be effective at keeping us from evil. It's not enough that we merely stop sinning. The evil must be replaced with the good.

DD159- Get Radical With Sin - Matthew 18: 8-9
Jesus has radically dealt with sin on our behalf but each of us still need to cooperate with the Holy Spirit as we get radical with sin in our own lives.

DD172 - A Time to Clean House - Matthew 21:12-17
Overturning the tables of the money-changers and animal booths in the temple was Christ's reaction to the greed and profiteering going on in the name of religion. It was time to clean house. In this study we learn how this applies to our own life -- the temple of our body.


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