DD10-Salvation - Part 1
Christ's death and Resurrection is common knowledge for many but how does this become personal and life changing?

DD11-Salvation - Part 2
A look at the "natural", "carnal" and "spiritual" man.

DD27-True Believers
If unbelief breaks our association with God, then believing His truths will unite us again. A look at what is is to be "true Believers."

DD37-Born Again
Born again -- a phrase made popular over the years--- what does it mean and why is it needed?

DD91- The Story of Job -- Part 3--Job in the Crucible
Although suffering is not always caused by our sins it can nevertheless by used by God to show us our true nature and the need that each one of us has to be "born again" in God. Slowly and painfully Job comes to see God's greater purposes behind his situation.

DD113-How Does Salvation ,That is Already Accomplished in Christ, Become Mine?
We need to recognize that our problems result directly from living independently from God. Living life our own way will never work. This independence in deciding how we are going to live our life is sin. It is sin that has severed our relationship with God. Sin makes us like dead men in God's sight. Sin blinds us from seeing the truth about ourselves and the lives we live. Sin keeps us from living our lives for the purpose that God had planned for us. So, this study will help you to see how all that Christ came to do and be for us can become ours.

DD114-If Salvation Is So Life Changing, Why Are There So Many Miserable Christians? - Part 1
Many Christians are "saved" people still living under the power of sin. They have forgiveness of their past and they know they have eternal life in the future but TODAY is often like hell on earth. If you are a Christian and are baffled by all the un-Christlike behaviors that you see in yourself and others ,then this study may shed some light as to why.

 DD115- If Salvation is So Life Changing, Why Are There So Many Miserable Christians? - Part 2
All of us can point our finger at someone that calls themselves a Christian and yet talks and walks quite unlike Jesus Christ that is now living His life through them. This has confused and baffled non-Christians but it has also confused Christians that are surprised that they again have sinned and wonder why and how it could be.

DD135- Questioning God From Tight Places - Matthew 11: 1-11
If you've ever cried out to God from a "tight place" then you have been in the same spot as John the Baptist. In these few verses about the great man John the Baptist, Jesus shows us the second half of the gospel that John and his disciples didn't know. We too may be enlightened to know more about the God we seek.

DD145-A Clean Heart and How We Get It - Matthew 15:1-20
Are you making yourself sick? You act one way before men but inside you know there is impurity, wrong motives, bad thinking and pride -- all of which you have continually tried to keep hidden. If you are at this point and long for the holiness that God wants for you then this study will clarify what a clean heart is and how you can have one.

DD166- Riches and Their Danger- Matthew 19: 23-26
Jesus knew that the rich take on certain attitudes. They are so dangerous that they can keep a wealthy man from the salvation that Jesus has for him. This study continues to focus on the rich, young ruler mentioned in study 165 and exposes the traps that wealth can bring.

DD177 - You Are Invited But Will You Come? - Matthew 22: 1-14
In this parable we learn that entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven has been opened to every man and woman because of the Jews rejection of it. But having the right clothes on will mean the difference between acceptance or rejection. What does this mean and where do we get the right clothes?

DD189 - Our Position "In Christ" - Part 1 - Getting There and Living From There
The words "in Christ" or "in Him" are peppered throughout the New Testament so that we often skip over them and miss the deep meaning our Father wants us to know. Understanding our position with God --"in Christ"--will enable us to truly partner with God throughout our life on earth and then into eternity.

DD190- Our Position "In Christ" - Part 2 - Getting Back What We Lost
Before anything was even created, God proposed to create us IN HIS SON so that we could all be part of his great family. He means for all of us to have fullness of life, although He knows that some will never take it. When our first parents Adam and Eve fell from grace due to sin, all of us "in them" fell as well and begin life on earth independent from God. Let's look at the ingenious plan of God to restore us to what we were originally meant to be.

DD191- Our Position "In Christ" - Part 3- What We Have By Being "In Christ"
The Father sent Jesus to earth to restore the four things that we lost through sin. When we know and accept His work on our behalf it's like a reset button has been pressed in our life. In this study we look at what we have by being "In Christ".

M&P6 - The Plan of Redemption- Part 1

M&P7 - The Plan of Redemption-Part 2

M&P8 - Why We Need to be Born Again

MPGC28 - How Sin and the Power It Has Over Us Was Dealt With
Jesus has restored our right standing with God by dealing with the sins we have committed as well as the power that sin has over us to keep us sinning. We learn in this study HOW God through his son Jesus did this.


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