Promises of God

DD3-God's Promises For Your Life
God's word is full of promises, and as His children -- members of God's family -- we have a right to almost every one of them! They are ours for the taking. This study looks at what some of them are. 

DD22-God as My Provider
A look at how God gets involved with our day to day practical needs.

DD45- Normally?..but God?!
Things might be happening all around us to the negative but when God wants to bless and cause an increase He will do so at any time.

DD59- The Promised Land Before Us
After 40 years of wandering the Israelites were finally ready to enter into the Promised Land. It's important for us that we do not stop short of all that God wants to give us. We are not meant to wander forever but to enter into all that God promises us.

DD137- Rest for Weary Souls - Matthew 11:28-30 / Matthew 12: 1-14
There is nothing that makes men so tired as religion. Religion is an exhausting web of "do's and don'ts". Real Christianity is about a relationship with Jesus Christ and there is only one law that is needful. When you live by the one law all others are fulfilled.

DD145-A Clean Heart and How We Get It - Matthew 15:1-20
Are you making yourself sick? You act one way before men but inside you know there is impurity, wrong motives, bad thinking and pride -- all of which you have continually tried to keep hidden. If you are at this point and long for the holiness that God wants for you then this study will clarify what a clean heart is and how you can have one.


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