Prayer & Hearing God's Voice


DD7-Communicating With God Through Prayer
God's specific and direct insights from His Word on how to talk with Him.

DD25-Hearing God's Voice
Is it possible for us to actually "hear" God speak? What does " He sound like and when does He speak?

DD44- Prayer is the Soul's Sincere Desire
Find out what are the real prayers that reach our Heavenly Father's heart.

DD124 - Our Lord's Teaching on Prayer and Fasting - Part 1 (A study of Matthew 6:5-8 / Matthew 6: 16-18 / Matthew 9:14-15 )
Whether you are a believer that doesn't pray , prays very little, or prays much you'll find the Lord's directives in this study uncomplicated and encouraging.

DD125 - Our Lord's Teaching on Prayer --Part 2 (A study of Matthew 6:9-13)
Prayer is to become such an important part of life that Jesus laid out a "pattern" for prayer in response to the request of one of His disciples. These verses in Matthew are traditionally called "The Lord's Prayer" but it's actually a pattern for all of us. It should really be called "The Disciple's Prayer" and thus "Our Prayer".

DD126 - Ask, Seek, Knock -- Our Lord's Teaching on Prayer --Part 3 ( Matthew 7:7-11 )
Prayer is to be an active and engaging exchange with our Heavenly Father. Jesus teaches us that there are three actions we are to take when we pray.

DD131-All Life Is a Choice - (Matthew 7:12-14 )
We cannot accuse God or his son Jesus of being too complicated in what they teach us. Over and over throughout the Bible we can find one verse summaries of how we are to live. In these next verses in Matthew Jesus makes it quite clear that all of life is a choice.

DD174 - The Prayer of Faith- A Lesson in Supernatural Living - Matthew 21:20-22
Jesus gives us an incredible word in these verses. He tell us that whatever we ask in prayer we will receive if we have faith. Does he really mean this and if so does he mean it for our lives today?

M&P13 - Communication - Part 1

M&P14 - Communication - Part 2


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