Meaning and Purpose

Meaning and Purpose

These are the studies under this course called Meaning and Purpose:

Meaning and Purpose - Part 1
Man's Need for Restoration

Meaning and Purpose - Part 1 - Introduction

M&P1 - In the Beginning

M&P2 - Free will and the Fall

M&P3 - Man Turns Inside Out

M&P4 - Man Reacts to His Loss

M&P5 - God Reacts to Man's Loss

M&P6 - The Plan of Redemption- Part 1

M&P7 - The Plan of Redemption-Part 2

M&P8 - Why We Need to be Born Again

M&P9 - Original Blueprint of the Creator

M&P10 - Understanding Jesus

M&P11- Understanding the Holy Spirit


Meaning and Purpose - Part 2
Living in the Kingdom of God

Meaning & Purpose-Part 2--Living in the Kingdom of God - Introduction

M&P12 - Relationship

M&P13 - Communication - Part 1

M&P14 - Communication - Part 2

M&P15 - Obedience

M&P16- Fruit - Part 1

M&P17- Fruit - Part 2


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