Jesus Christ- What He taught and Did

From the course: Does Jesus Matter?

SECTION 4: What Did Jesus Teach?

4A- The Kingdom of God: A Place of Tremendous Potential

4B- The Kingdom of God: The Key to Finding Our Purpose

4C- The Kingdom of God: It's More Than Doing All the Right Things

4D- God is Our Father

4E- Love is What Characterizes His Kingdom

4F- A Decision is Needed

SECTION 5: What Did Jesus Do?

5A- Miracles

5B- The Great Physician


From the Daily Disciple Bible Studies:

DD8-The Parables
Short stories that Jesus used to teach truth.

DD39-What Christ teaches is directly opposed to what we have grown up learning!
"God said if we would be "great" with Him we must be the servant of all. This is just one of the ways that we have grown up with "opposite" teaching.

DD41-"Come unto me and I will give you rest!"
What causes us to live a life of unrest? This study will give you some things by which you can examine your own life.

DD118- The Kingdom of Heaven Is At Hand
Jesus spoke about one topic more than any other. When He started His public ministry, He came announcing that "the kingdom of Heaven was at hand." So what was the kingdom of God? In what sense was it "at hand" and how was it to be "good news?"

DD119-Christ's Teaching on Living Above and Beyond the Law
Jesus Christ came into a very ancient society that had built its life and customs on the "law and the prophets". He came as a revolutionary, not trying to overthrow the law but to complete and fulfill it. In our study we want to look at Christ as the fulfillment of the Jewish law and what that means for our lives today.

DD123 - God Gives to Us So We Can Provide for Others  - Matthew 6:1-4 / 19-21
We can afford to be the most generous people in the world when we're related to the king of the universe. God gives to us that we might be the provider for others.

DD124 - Our Lord's Teaching on Prayer and Fasting - Part 1 (A study of Matthew 6:5-8 / Matthew 6: 16-18 / Matthew 9:14-15 )
Whether you are a believer that doesn't pray , prays very little, or prays much you'll find the Lord's directives in this study uncomplicated and encouraging.

DD125 - Our Lord's Teaching on Prayer --Part 2 (A study of Matthew 6:9-13)
Prayer is to become such an important part of life that Jesus laid out a "pattern" for prayer in response to the request of one of His disciples. These verses in Matthew are traditionally called "The Lord's Prayer" but it's actually a pattern for all of us. It should really be called "The Disciple's Prayer" and thus "Our Prayer".

DD128- The High Cost of Worry (Matthew 6: 25.34)
The world says that worry is a normal part of our life but worry in God's eyes IS NOT a normal part of life. IT IS NOT a harmless activity that is natural to the human race. If you are prone to worry then you'll want to carefully consider Christ's teaching on this important subject.

DD129-Christ's Compassion and Heart For Men and Women ( Matthew 7:1-5 / Matthew 9:36-38 )
In this study the Lord starts by being very abrupt with us when it comes to the topic of judging and criticizing others. His advice? DON'T! If we wonder how we should feel towards our fellow men we have only to look at Christ's own attitude.

DD130-Truth and Those Willing To Listen ( Matthew 7:6, 24-27 )
We will look at "truth" in this study and man's willingness (or unwillingness) to hear and act upon it. Can it be that there are some people who will never accept God's truth?

DD131-All Life Is a Choice - (Matthew 7:12-14 )
We cannot accuse God or his son Jesus of being too complicated in what they teach us. Over and over throughout the Bible we can find one verse summaries of how we are to live. In these next verses in Matthew Jesus makes it quite clear that all of life is a choice.

DD132-Belief is Exposed by Our Actions - Matthew 7:15-23
Watch out! Beware! Peppered throughout the Lord's teaching to us are these warnings. In the world and sadly within the church there are "wolves dressed in sheep's clothing." The bad is mixed with the good and we must be able to tell the difference. Jesus gives us some guidelines in showing how belief is exposed by actions.

DD133-Jesus Choosing His Staff and Our Own Calling - Matthew 9:9-12 & Matthew 10:1-4
How could God ever use someone like me? Why would he want to? What does God see in me? If these are any of the questions you have asked about yourself then this study will answer some of them for you. We may never know what God sees in us but we know that he sees past our ordinary exterior to our heart. Because he knows us from the inside out he is able to use us with other men and woman that are like who we are.

DD142- The Danger of an Empty Mind and Heart - Matthew 12: 43-45
A religion that simply consists of "thou shalt nots" will never be effective at keeping us from evil. It's not enough that we merely stop sinning. The evil must be replaced with the good.

DD143- Christ's True Spiritual Family - Matthew 12:46-50
Often our families are the ones who understand us the least. That was the case for Jesus as well. In this study Jesus makes clear who his true spiritual family is.

DD145-A Clean Heart and How We Get It - Matthew 15:1-20
Are you making yourself sick? You act one way before men but inside you know there is impurity, wrong motives, bad thinking and pride -- all of which you have continually tried to keep hidden. If you are at this point and long for the holiness that God wants for you then this study will clarify what a clean heart is and how you can have one.

DD147-The Miracle of Small Giving - Matthew 15: 29-39
God is always in the business of supporting the weak, the tired, the helpless. In the same way, He wants us to do the same. But how is this possible when our own resources are so limited and the needs so big?

DD148-Jesus--Man's Last Hope - Matthew 16:1-4
It is in Jesus that we see God. If we don't see God in Christ then we will never see him. Jesus Christ is God's last word to men.

DD158- Our Responsibility to Children and Those Younger in the Faith - Matthew 18:5-7, 10
A "child", meaning either a young person or someone young in the faith, is so important to God that Jesus has some very definite teaching to give to each of us concerning our role in their lives.

DD164 - "Let the Children Come!" - Matthew 19: 13-15
Using children as an object lesson Jesus shares who will qualify to be part of the Kingdom of God and why.

DD174 - The Prayer of Faith- A Lesson in Supernatural Living - Matthew 21:20-22
Jesus gives us an incredible word in these verses. He tell us that whatever we ask in prayer we will receive if we have faith. Does he really mean this and if so does he mean it for our lives today?

DD178 - Dual Citizenship - Matthew 22: 15-46
In an effort to discredit Jesus, the Jewish leaders asked a series of trick questions. In his brilliant responses Jesus teaches them and us about the concept of our dual citizenship and how it affects all of life.


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