Studies in Jeremiah


DD94- The Life of Jeremiah--Part 1 - A Life of Faith in God
Our human potential can only be fulfilled when God's will is fulfilled rather than our own. Life is therefore lived at its best when its lived with faith in God. Jeremiah, our subject lived such a life. He was more interested in what God wanted for his life than in what he wanted. Are you?

DD95 Jeremiah--Part 2 - Last Warnings Before Destruction
The people of Israel under Josiah's reign had a new enthusiasm for God. Church and worship were popular and all the right things were being said. Everything "looked" right but the people themselves were not right. The Heart of sin within individuals had not changed. Jeremiah was to be the country's last warning before destruction.

DD96- Jeremiah--Part 3- Living in Crazy Times
How can those of us that want to live for God do it successfully in an environment that seems bent on pulling us into other directions? We look to the life of Jeremiah for some answers.


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