Studies in Hosea


DD104-Hosea-Part1- God's Saving Love
Hosea prophesied at a time when prosperity, moral laxity, corrupt government, wide class distinctions, and ritualistic worship was the order of the day. This is the story of God's love to those that have been unfaithful to Him. God's love pursues us even in our most rebellious times because He wants us for His own. His love is a saving love and each one of us is the object of His love.

DD105-Hosea-Part 2 - Real Repentance
The Israelites (God's chosen people) had drifted far from God in their hearts. They were making a good outward show and saying the right words but God is not fooled by our empty words. When we have sinned and gone our own independent way God will not be satisfied with anything less than real repentance.


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