Hard Times and Problems


DD1-Teachings About Life's Problems - Part 1
Problems are something that we all have in common because we live in a fallen world. Fortunately, we are not left to cope with them on our own.

DD2-Teachings About Life's Problems - Part 2
This study looks at the situations in life that can overwhelm us often through no fault of our own. We can either let these situations swamp us or we can continue to seek God through them.
A listing of something God promises you for each day of the month.

A look at fears and what we are to do when they come.

DD21-Sin - Are We Guilty?
Sin - one of the most unpopular topics! A look at why man reacts so strongly except maybe that he is guilty?

Why unbelief and discouragement are such serious sins.

DD40-Has history simply repeated itself?
Is the evil and darkness that we are experiencing in our world today different from that throughout the centuries?

DD57- The Great Exodus- God's Intervention in Hard Times
400 years had passed in which the Hebrews had suffered enslavement at the hands of the Egyptians. The Egyptian King determined to wear them out and reduce their numbers by the rigor of slave labor. It was to this desperate situation that God looked down from Heaven and began His preparations for the Exodus. Perhaps you are in desperate situations of your own and are looking for God's intervention.

DD58- The Wanderings of Israel
It was never God's intention that the Israelites should stay out wandering in the desert for 40 years. The prolonged journey was the direct result of sin. If history is to be of any benefit to us today we must look at the sins and failures of men and women that went before us.

DD60- What's Behind the Middle East Crisis?
What's Behind our own Crisis? We sin -- i.e. get ourselves into some kind of trouble or tight spot-- then we cry out to God for help -- then God in His mercy seems to come to us. This is an old pattern that the Israelites faced time and again. But is it our pattern as well? Will this always be our story?

DD61- The Times of Change - Do You Need a New Start?
We look now at a time in history when things had sunk so low that God began to train a little boy who would become the nation's leader and lead them back on track. Perhaps things are at a low point in your own life and there is a need for repentance and a new start.

DD65- David--Part 3 - Hitting Bottom
We follow David in this study through some pretty dark times of his life. Let's study this month about what we are to do during those dark times of our lives when nothing seems to be going our way.

DD66- David-Part 4 - When a Great Man Falls
When A Great Man Falls Beware of those times when everything is going your way and life seems secure. These are the time when we feel the most independent and off our guard. This was such a time for David and we look this month at what happens when a great man falls.

DD85- Elijah--Part 2--Depression and Self Pity
When we work in the Lord's business we must work in HIS energy, strength, and ability. Left to ourselves we have very little ability and in fact see only our fears, inabilities, and weakness. Elijah was a strong man that took his eyes off of God. We may see a great deal of ourselves in this study.

DD86- Nehemiah--Part 1--Knocked Down but Not Out!
Nehemiah in attempting to obey God faced nothing but opposition. It runs parallel to our own lives as we obey God in doing His will. There will always be opposition but it doesn't need to stop the work.

DD87- Nehemiah--Part 2--Rebuilding The Walls
The story of Nehemiah and his mission to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem has many parallels to our own lives. We may seem to have a life that is ruined and in disrepair but there is a way to rebuild.

DD100- Daniel -Part 1-Living By Conviction
Living by conviction is how we stand strong when times of testing come. Solid faith in God must be the rock we stand upon in a world set against Him. When we accurately represent God, people will recognize and fear Him.

DD101- Daniel-Part 2- When Hard Times Come
When hard times come and we are pressured to act outside of our conscience, it is our convictions that help us to stand strong. We don't need to fear the hard situations of our lives for the Lord always goes with us and He will never fail us.

DD128- The High Cost of Worry (Matthew 6: 25.34)
The world says that worry is a normal part of our life but worry in God's eyes IS NOT a normal part of life. IT IS NOT a harmless activity that is natural to the human race. If you are prone to worry then you'll want to carefully consider Christ's teaching on this important subject.

DD134-The Formation of Christianity in a Jewish World with the First Disciples - Matthew 9:16,17 / Matthew 10:5-42
This study looks at the problem of new ideas and the need for Christianity to be established apart from Judaism. Then we'll learn Christ's instruction to his first disciples and messengers which still relate to us today.

DD135- Questioning God From Tight Places - Matthew 11: 1-11
If you've ever cried out to God from a "tight place" then you have been in the same spot as John the Baptist. In these few verses about the great man John the Baptist, Jesus shows us the second half of the gospel that John and his disciples didn't know. We too may be enlightened to know more about the God we seek.

DD144- Jesus is There When We Need Him - Matthew 14: 22-33
This study is for any of us in extreme circumstances that feel we are sinking fast. We have a sweet reminder in these verses that God is committed to sustaining us throughout our life.

DD155 - The Essential Faith Needed For Life's Problems - Matthew 17:14-20
The disciples had just experienced a big spiritual failure. In this study we learn the reason for spiritual failure and how we can avoid falling into the same trap.

DD162 - Marriage and Divorce - Matthew 19:1-9
When the Pharisees came to Jesus to ask him about divorce in Matthew 19:3 they were seeking to involve Him in controversy. Jesus sidesteps their question and takes us back to the beginning to look at God's original intention for marriage and divorce.

MPGC17- Drawn To the Cross: Simon of Cyrene - What To Do When Trouble is Forced Upon You
What do we do when trouble is forced upon us? We'll find our answer to this by studying an event in Simon of Cyrene's life when he was forced to carry Christ's cross.


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