Guidance & Life Purpose


DD6-God's Guidance For Your Life
A look at the will of God for your life and how to find it.

DD25-Hearing God's Voice
Is it possible for us to actually "hear" God speak? What does " He sound like and when does He speak?

DD29-God's Guidance For the Business World Today
A look at God's suggestions, principles, and advice on how we ought to deal in the day to day world of business.

DD55- Moses - Part 1- A Life With Purpose
We begin our study of the only man in history that God spoke with "face to face". God's plan for any life is not to be thwarted by circumstances of the times. Study how God "kept" this man for the purpose in which He had intended for Moses. So God will do for our lives.

DD89- The Story of Job --Part 1--Opposition
In the oldest book of the Bible, God gives us a living example of a very righteous man who suffered almost beyond our comprehension. Through his story we may find some of the answers for our own trials and hardships.

DD106- Jonah- The Prophet Who Ran Away
Have you ever been called by God to do a task that you just could not face? Perhaps you sought to rationalize God's plan to do something more palatable or maybe even to run from it entirely. If you've been in this place, or if you are facing some question of obedience today then you will want to take a closer look at ….. JONAH - The Prophet Who Ran Away.

DD133-Jesus Choosing His Staff and Our Own Calling - Matthew 9:9-12 & Matthew 10:1-4
How could God ever use someone like me? Why would he want to? What does God see in me? If these are any of the questions you have asked about yourself then this study will answer some of them for you. We may never know what God sees in us but we know that he sees past our ordinary exterior to our heart. Because he knows us from the inside out he is able to use us with other men and woman that are like who we are.

DD169 - False Ambition and True Ambition - Matthew 20: 20-28
In a display of great patience, Jesus uses a situation that came up with two of his disciples to teach us the difference between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world as well as the difference between false ambition and true ambition.

DD171 - How to Walk Through Your Life in God's Will - Matthew 20:17-19/ Matthew 21: 1-11
We now hear Jesus for the third time warning His disciples that He was on his way to the cross. And in the next events he uses his own life as an object lesson to teach us about walking in God's will for our own life.


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