God's Love


DD22-God as My Provider
A look at how God gets involved with our day to day practical needs.

DD31-God's love and mercy
A look at God and how His love and mercy side by side lift our lives to a whole different level.

DD45- Normally?..but God?!
Things might be happening all around us to the negative but when God wants to bless and cause an increase He will do so at any time.

DD52- Jacob - Part 2- Testing Through Difficult Circumstances
We see how God's abundant love for Jacob was poured forth in many promises to him. But he also had plenty of testing through difficult circumstances. We are not to think that because of our own difficulties that God doesn't love us.

DD67- David--Part 5-The Consequences of Sin
King David, king of Israel, had sinned in a big way. Our study " now takes us to consider whether God can forgive the really BIG sins and if we can ever escape the consequences.

DD88- Esther - God at Work in Ordinary Lives Like Ours
The story of Esther is a real story and historical event that took place with God's direction the whole way through. He directs so quietly that His name is not even mentioned once in this book! Most of us live in a routine world. We do not hear God in great dramatic ways and yet He is all the time directing our lives from behind the scenes.

DD104-Hosea-Part1- God's Saving Love
Hosea prophesied at a time when prosperity, moral laxity, corrupt government, wide class distinctions, and ritualistic worship was the order of the day. This is the story of God's love for those that have been unfaithful to Him. God's love pursues us even in our most rebellious times because He wants us for His own. His love is a saving love and each one of us is the object of His love.

DD129-Christ's Compassion and Heart For Men and Women ( Matthew 7:1-5 / Matthew 9:36-38 )
In this study the Lord starts by being very abrupt with us when it comes to the topic of judging and criticizing others. His advice? DON'T! If we wonder how we should feel towards our fellow-men we have only to look at Christ's own attitude.

DD160- Do We Matter To God? - Matthew 18: 12-14
If you've ever had doubts about whether you matter to God, this study will answer those questions once and for all.

DD168 - The Generosity of God - Matthew 20:1-16
Jesus is telling a parable so that we will see more clearly what the Kingdom of Heaven is like and especially about the generosity of God.

DD177 - You Are Invited But Will You Come? - Matthew 22: 1-14
In this parable we learn that entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven has been opened to every man and woman because of the Jew's rejection of it. But having the right clothes on will mean the difference between acceptance or rejection. What does this mean and where do we get the right clothes?

DD189 - Our Position "In Christ" - Part 1 - Getting There and Living From There
The words "in Christ" or "in Him" are peppered throughout the New Testament so that we often skip over them and miss the deep meaning our Father wants us to know. Understanding our position with God --"in Christ"--will enable us to truly partner with God throughout our life on earth and then into eternity.

DD190- Our Position "In Christ" - Part 2 - Getting Back What We Lost
Before anything was ever created, God proposed to create us IN HIS SON so that we could all be part of his great family. He means for all of us to have the fullness of life, although He knows that some will never take it. When our first parents Adam and Eve fell from grace due to sin, all of us "in them" fell as well and begin life on earth independent from God. Let's look at the ingenious plan of God to restore us to what we were originally meant to be.

DD191- Our Position "In Christ" - Part 3- What We Have By Being "In Christ"
The Father sent Jesus to earth to restore the four things that we lost through sin. When we know and accept His work on our behalf it's like a reset button has been pressed in our life. In this study we look at what we have by being "In Christ".


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