God the Father

DD30-"Show us the Father?"
What is God the Father like and does He love me as His child?

DD31-God's love and mercy
A look at God and how His love and mercy side by side lift our lives to a whole different level.

DD32-God's Discipline
Can it be that our God so full of love can have a side of His character that expresses discipline and anger?

DD38-"Is Anything too hard for the Lord?"
God is a God of miracles and He is still willing today to undertake for any of His children that will trust Him first and depend on Him alone.

DD43- How Can We Please God?
Our heavenly Father is delighted when we stop just wanting to "get" from Him and really desire just to "be" with Him.

DD97- God the Father in the book of Ezekiel
Ezekiel-- a prophet of God was living with the Israelite people in exile. He was part of a small remnant that had remained faithful to God and he was a strong man in the midst of a defeated people. In our study of the book of Ezekiel we do not look so much at the man himself than at what he has to tell us about God.

DD109-Can We Know What God is Like?  -- "Who is Like God?" (Micah 7:18) 
Can we really know what God is like? We must not be content to know God as a distant creator far off in the Heavens somewhere. He would not want that. We are to know Him as "Our Father who art in Heaven….." Anyone that is "our Father" must be personal to us -- to you and me. He wants us to know Him, and therefore gives this marvelous revelation to his prophets for our benefit today.

Life in God's Kingdom #5- The King in the Kingdom of God: Part 1- God the Father


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