Rest-Finding it


DD41-"Come unto me and I will give you rest!"
What causes us to live a life of unrest? This study will give you some things by which you can examine your own life.

DD59- The Promised Land Before Us
After 40 years of wandering the Israelites were finally ready to enter into the Promised Land. It's important for us that we do not stop short of all that God wants to give us. We are not meant to wander forever but to enter into all that God promises us.

DD128- The High Cost of Worry (Matthew 6: 25,34)
The world says that worry is a normal part of our life but worry in God's eyes IS NOT a normal part of life. IT IS NOT a harmless activity that is natural to the human race. If you are prone to worry then you'll want to carefully consider Christ's teaching on this important subject.

DD137- Rest for Weary Souls - Matthew 11:28-30 / Matthew 12: 1-14
There is nothing that makes men so tired as religion. Religion is an exhausting web of "do's and don'ts". Real Christianity is about a relationship with Jesus Christ and there is only one law that is needful. When you live by the one law all others are fulfilled.


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