DD22-God as My Provider
A look at how God gets involved with our day to day practical needs.

DD76- Proverbs--Part 5--Making Money, Investing & Giving
Solomon gives us sound advice about making money and investing.

DD77- Proverbs--Part 6--More Advice on Finances And God's Provision
Solomon gives further advice on finances and leads us ultimately to see that God is our true Provider.

DD123 - God Gives to Us So We Can Provide For Others - Matthew 6:1-4 / 19-21
We can afford to be the most generous people in the world when we're related to the king of the universe. God gives to us that we might be the provider for others.

DD147-The Miracle of Small Giving - Matthew 15: 29-39
God is always in the business of supporting the weak, the tired, the helpless. In the same way, He wants us to do the same. But how is this possible when our own resources are so limited and the needs so big?

DD166- Riches and Their Danger- Matthew 19: 23-26
Jesus knew that the rich take on certain attitudes. They are so dangerous that they can keep a wealthy man from the salvation that Jesus has for him. This study continues to focus on the rich, young ruler mentioned in study 165 and exposes the traps that wealth can bring.


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