DD47- Abraham- Part 1 -- A Work in Process
A look at a very ordinary man that God made into someone very EXTRA ordinary!

DD48- Abraham - Part 2--Learning to Lean on God Alone
God asks each of His children to follow Him with wholehearted obedience. Although Abraham fell many times trying to do this he got back up and kept going.

DD49 Abraham- Part 3 -- Learning to Believe
We learn from Abraham what it means to "believe God".

DD50- Abraham - Part 4 -- Final Tests of Obedience
This study looks at the final stages of Abraham's life which were to contain some of his most difficult tests.

DD51- Jacob - Part 1--A Diamond in the Rough
In the life of Jacob we see much of ourselves for he is an illustration of our disciplinary schooling by the Holy Spirit. In Jacob we see our own extreme weakness and uselessness.

DD52- Jacob - Part 2--Testing Through Difficult Circumstances
We see how God's abundant love for Jacob was poured forth in many promises to him. But he also had plenty of testing through difficult circumstances. We are not to think that because of our own difficulties that God doesn't love us.

DD53- Jacob - Part 3--A Changed Man
God disciplines us for our good so that we may take on His character. We see in the final stages of Jacob's life how much he had been changed by God into the man he was meant to be.

DD54- The Life of Joseph and Successful Living
Success can mean many different things to different people but for a Christian it can only mean one thing. Find out through the study of Joseph's life what successful living is all about.

DD55- Moses - Part 1-- A Life With Purpose
We begin our study of the only man in history that God spoke with "face to face". God's plan for any life is not to be thwarted by circumstances of the times. Study how God "kept" this man for the purpose in which He had intended. So God will do for our lives.

DD56- Moses- Part 2-- Learning Lessons in Hard Times
In this study we'll focus on the key moments in the life of Moses as he leads two million enslaved Israelites out of the bondage of Egypt and into the promised land of freedom.

DD63- David --Part 1-- Does God Use Nobodies?
What does God look for in choosing his servants? If you feel you are a nobody who could not possibly be of any use to God, then you'll gain some new insights from our study of David.

DD64- David--Part 2-- God Uses Weak Vessels
In part 2 of our study of King David we will take a look at how God is able to use a "weak vessel" to do mighty things if we will just let HIM do the work.

DD65- David--Part 3 --Hitting Bottom
We follow David in this study through some pretty dark times of his life. Let's study this month about what we are to do during those dark times of our lives when nothing seems to be going our way.

DD66- David-Part 4-When A Great Man Falls
Beware of those times when everything is going your way and life seems secure. These are the time when we feel the most independent and off our guard. This was such a time for David and we look this month at what happens when a great man falls.

DD67- David--Part 5-The Consequences of Sin
King David, king of Israel, had sinned in a big way. Our study now takes us to consider whether God can forgive the really BIG sins and if we can ever escape the consequences.

DD68- Solomon--Part 1-- A Good Start But What Happened?
"Solomon , the successor of King David, was a man who had absolutely everything going for him. But is it our possessions, good jobs and correct circumstances that make life successful?

DD69- Solomon--Part 2- Searching for the Meaning of Life
Solomon was the wealthiest and most famous man in the world in his time. But was he really better off than we are? Did all his advantages satisfy his heart? This study takes us into Solomon's own journal (the book of Ecclesiastes).

DD70- Solomon--Part 3-- Conclusions About Life's Meaning
In this study we continue with Solomon in his search for truth and life's meaning. And ...we finally come to some of his observations, admonitions and conclusions.

DD71- Solomon- Part 4- Life's Conclusions by Solomon continued
We've followed Solomon in his search for truth, meaning and reality. Now, Solomon in his later years has come to some definite conclusions. He has rounded a corner and come back to the truth that he knew all along.

DD84- Elijah--Part 1--One Light in the Darkness
Is there anything that ONE man can do against the evils of their day? In themselves-- no -- but called by God--Yes! Elijah was such a man and the theme of this study.

DD85- Elijah--Part 2--Depression and Self Pity
When we work in the Lord's business we must work in HIS energy, strength and ability. Left to ourselves we have very little ability and in fact see only our fears, inabilities and weakness. Elijah was a strong man that took his eyes off of God. We may see a great deal of ourselves in this study.

DD86- Nehemiah--Part 1--Knocked Down but Not Out!
Nehemiah in attempting to obey God faced nothing but opposition. It runs parallel to our own lives as we obey God in doing His will. There will always be opposition but it doesn't need to stop the work.

DD87- Nehemiah--Part 2--Rebuilding The Walls
The story of Nehemiah and his mission to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem has many parallels to our own lives. We may seem to have a life that is ruined and in disrepair but there is a way to rebuild.

DD88- Esther - God at Work in Ordinary Lives Like Ours
The story of Esther is a real story and historical event that took place with God's direction the whole way through. He directs so quietly that His name is not even mentioned once in this book! Most of us live in a routine world. We do not hear God in great dramatic ways and yet He is all the time directing our lives from behind the scenes.

DD89- The Story of Job --Part 1--Opposition
In the oldest book of the Bible, God gives us a living example of a very righteous man who suffered almost beyond our comprehension. Through his story we may find some of the answers for our own trials and hardships.

DD90- The Story of Job--Part 2--Job Aroused to Anger
Job in talking with his "friends" about "What have I done to deserve this?" becomes so angry that in desperation he accuses God. Are we accusing God in our anger for the hardships in our life?

DD91- The Story of Job -- Part 3--Job in the Crucible
Although suffering is not always caused by our sins it can nevertheless by used by God to show us our true nature and the need that each one of us has to be "born again" in God. Slowly and painfully Job comes to see God's greater purposes behind his situation.

DD92- ISAIAH Part 1: Warnings to Israel and Us!
Isaiah was called by God as a prophet to the nation of Judah . God had some warnings to give to this nation through Isaiah. A nation is made up of individuals and the truths in this timeless book are meant for our warning as well.

DD93- ISAIAH Part 2: When We Ignore the Warnings
Just as God uses our natural circumstances and relationships to discipline us, so He used Israel 's own enemies to discipline and chasten them. In the true character of God, He allowed the events of chastening only after His warnings and appeals went unheeded. Isaiah was God's spokesman and his words continue on for us today.

DD94- Jeremiah--Part 1: A Life of Faith in God
Our human potential can only be fulfilled when God's will is fulfilled rather than our own. Life is therefore lived at its best when its lived with faith in God. Jeremiah, our subject, lived such a life. He was more interested in what God wanted for his life than in what he wanted. Are you?

DD95 Jeremiah--Part 2: Last Warnings Before Destruction
The people of Israel under Josiah's reign had a new enthusiasm for God. Church and worship were popular and all the right things were being said. Everything "looked" right but the people themselves were not right. The Heart of Sin within individuals had not changed. Jeremiah was to be the country's last warning before destruction.

DD96- Jeremiah--Part 3: Living in Crazy Times
How can those of us that want to live for God do it successfully in an environment that seems bent on pulling us other directions? We look to the life of Jeremiah for some answers.

DD100- Daniel -Part 1-Living By Conviction
Living by conviction is how we stand strong when times of testing come. A solid faith in God must be the rock we stand upon in a world set against Him. When we accurately represent God, people will recognize and fear Him.

DD101- Daniel-Part 2- When Hard Times Come
When hard times come and we are pressured to act outside of our conscience, it is our convictions that help us to stand strong. We don't need to fear the hard situations of our lives for the Lord always goes with us and He will never fail us.

DD106- Jonah- The Prophet Who Ran Away
Have you ever been called by God to do a task that you just could not face? Perhaps you sought to rationalize God's plan to do something more palatable or maybe even to run from it entirely. If you've been in this place, or if you are facing some question of obedience today then you will want to take a closer look at ….. JONAH - The Prophet Who Ran Away .


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