Abundant Life


DD17-Living Today Not Tomorrow
THIS is the day that God has made and He wants us to live each minute fully!

DD43- How Can We Please God?
Our heavenly Father is delighted when we stop just wanting to "get" from Him and really desire just to "be" with Him.

DD45- Normally....but God?!
Things might be happening all around us to the negative but when God wants to bless and cause an increase He will do so at any time.

DD47- Abraham- Part 1 --A Work In Process
A look at a very ordinary man that God made into someone very EXTRA ordinary!

DD54- The Life of Joseph and Successful Living
Success can mean many different things to different people but for a Christian it can only mean one thing. Find out through the study of Joseph's life what successful living is all about.

DD68- Solomon--Part 1--A Good Start But....
Solomon , the successor of King David, was a man that had absolutely everything going for him. But is it our possessions, good jobs and correct circumstances that make life successful?

DD69- Solomon--Part 2- Searching For the Meaning of Life
Solomon was the wealthiest and most famous man in the world in his time. But was he really better off than we are? Did all his advantages satisfy his heart? This study takes us into Solomon's own journal (the book of Ecclesiastes).

DD137- Rest for Weary Souls - Matthew 11:28-30 / Matthew 12: 1-14
There is nothing that makes men so tired as religion. Religion is an exhausting web of "do's and don'ts". Real Christianity is about a relationship with Jesus Christ and there is only one law that is needful. When you live by the one law all others are fulfilled.

DD145-A Clean Heart and How We Get It - Matthew 15:1-20
Are you making yourself sick? You act one way before men but inside you know there is impurity, wrong motives, bad thinking and pride -- all of which you have continually tried to keep hidden. If you are at this point and long for the holiness that God wants for you then this study will clarify what a clean heart is and how you can have one.

DD168 - The Generosity of God - Matthew 20:1-16
Jesus is telling a parable so that we will see more clearly what the Kingdom of Heaven is like and especially about the generosity of God.

DD177 - You Are Invited But Will You Come? - Matthew 22: 1-14
In this parable we learn that entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven has been opened to every man and woman because of the Jews rejection of it. But having the right clothes on will mean the difference between acceptance or rejection. What does this mean and where do we get the right clothes?


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