Things Aren't What They Seem

Apparition of Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach by Salvador Dali

Whether you like the style of Salvador Dali or not you have to give this artist credit for imagination. Salvador Dali saw beyond what normal people see.

When I first saw this painting I saw the fruit dish with a face embedded in the dish. Then, as my eyes focused I saw the dog standing on a table which is really a beach. Keep looking and you start to see scenery, objects and people doing things in the background.

While the dog stands fixed and staring as if he is the main theme, the face in the dish invites us to look further and see that there is a whole lot of living going on in the background.

Now, I really have no idea as to what Dali wanted to convey by this creative painting but when I look at it I am reminded what the Bible says about this life on earth. It is not what it appears. Yes, we live in a physical time-space universe but behind this world is the infinite life of God. He is joined by His Son Jesus who sits with Him in the Heavenly places. (Colossians 3:1)

If we keep looking with our spiritual eyes we might realize that much that occurs here on earth is because God has moved in response to someone's prayer.

There is a whole universe behind this one we live in. Like the kind face in this painting inviting us to keep looking and see more, so our loving Father wants us to be aware that this life is not all that there is! Our Father in Heaven wants each of his children to join Him in a life of eternity. This eternal life will consist in knowing Him and Son Jesus and that will be a divine, heavenly life.

Things aren't what they seem here on earth. Keep looking so that you can see the reality of God behind all that happens.

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