By Ernest O'Neill

There is a New You in Christ

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

Actually, tonight if you're going to take the wine and the bread and not drink judgment to yourself, it will mean seeing and discerning tonight that when Jesus died on Calvary, you died. And you were raised again.  And as you were raised with him, there came a new you that is at the right hand of God and is pure and holy and clean.  And that when the wrath of God burned into Jesus to cause him to cry, "My God, my God why has thou forsaken me," it was not the pain of his own soul that was hurting him.  It was the pain of all our little sins.  All our little uncleannesses, all our little selfishnesses and pettinesses.  All our little sicknesses and our pains and our strains, all our little pressures and tensions.  All of those were in him and he was allowing his Father to burn those out in him so that we were literally destroyed and remade there on Calvary.

So, there is tonight, in Jesus, for he is perfect at this moment before his Father, there is a you, there is, there is a me. There's in each one of us in Jesus body tonight that is perfect and whole and clean and powerful, really. That's the real us, the other us was destroyed because God cannot brook it in his presence and that old self of ours was destroyed.

But there is a new you that can say to the fig tree, "wither" and it will wither, that can touch bread and make it enough to feed 5,000, that can touch another sick body and make it whole. There is a you that is perfect and whole like that, there is. Tonight, discerning the body of Jesus means receiving that by faith into yourself. Now you may say, "Do you mean I could work miracles?" Yes, all that Jesus can do because you are in him you can do.

There's a perfect you that is filled with peace. There's a perfect you that is filled with delight and wholeness and joy, there is. There's a perfect you that lives above pettinesses. There's a perfect you that loves people with a generous and magnanimous heart, there is.  There's a perfect you that exists. Tonight the Holy Spirit wants to tell you what part of that perfect you, you are to receive this night, by faith, that's it.