The Test

The Goose Herd by Constant Troyson

Constant Troyson was a French artist that lived from 1810-1865. It seems reasonable that our young man is leading his herd of geese down a country road in France. His flock of fifteen seems manageable to him as he keeps close behind them with a stick in hand ready to tap any one of them that stray from the path.

He is a lively chap, smartly dressed with his cap and jacket. If we could see this boy today would he be managing men rather than geese? Real leadership starts with being faithful in the small things. The skills needed to move these geese and keep them all going forward on the road will be many of the same skills needed to lead men in the accomplishment of various team tasks.

Each of us gets tested with the smaller things in life. What seems a small and insignificant task as a child is actually the testing ground for further responsibility down the road. The key for us is faithfulness in anything we are given today. The reward for faithfulness is more responsibility.

God gave us our place on earth so that we could "fill the earth and subdue it". (Genesis 1:28). He who is faithful in small things will be entrusted with the great. Don't despise the day of little things but be faithful to work at them with all your energy. God is training you to use your skills with men.

The Lord's disciples thought they were on earth to fish for their living but Jesus clearly showed them that their fishing skills would one day be used to fish for men. He said, "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men." (Matthew 4:19)

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