Studies in Ezekiel


DD97- Ezekiel- Part 1 -God the Father Revealed
Ezekiel-- a prophet of God was living with the Israelite people in exile. He was part of a small remnant that had remained faithful to God and he was a strong man in the midst of a defeated people. In our study of the book of Ezekiel we do not look so much at the man himself than at what he has to tell us about God.

DD98- Ezekiel - Part 2 - The Holy Spirit Revealed
Despite the fact that Jesus and the Holy Spirit had not been revealed to all men at the time of Ezekiel, God does give us a definite preview of the life to come through the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ. God wants to live in each believer and He does so through His Holy Spirit. Therefore we aren't studying dry theory but the living God in our lives.

DD99- Ezekiel - Part 3-  Jesus the Son of Man Revealed
In the life of Ezekiel we find many parallels to the life of Christ. Already, hundreds of years before God would send His Son to earth, He was preparing the way for Him by giving clues to the people of who they should be looking for. May this study help us to find Jesus for ourselves.


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