Studies in Daniel


DD100- Daniel -Part 1-Living By Conviction
Living by conviction is how we stand strong when times of testing come. A solid faith in God must be the rock we stand upon in a world set against Him. When we accurately represent God, people will recognize and fear Him.

DD101- Daniel-Part 2- When Hard Times Come
When hard times come and we are pressured to act outside of our conscience, it is our convictions that help us to stand strong. We don't need to fear the hard situations of our lives for the Lord always goes with us and He will never fail us.

DD102- Daniel-Part 3- The Handwriting On the Wall
When a man or woman shows disrespect for the things of God they can expect that there will come a day of reckoning no matter who they are. God cannot be mocked. We are meant to learn from history ( from the sins and errors of those that are before us) and pay attention to the handwriting on the wall in our own life (God's word to us in our circumstances) .

DD103-Daniel-Part 4- "Consider the Word and Understand"
In this last study of Daniel God begins to unfold the days that are coming. But while we look ahead we must keep our feet firmly planted in the present and choose to align our lives with God today. We will find that the God who has mapped our future will be able to guide and guard us through the present.


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