By Ernest O'Neill

Strain is a Symptom of Not Resting in God

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

So loved ones, I'd ask you, is there anywhere in your own life where there's strain?  That's maybe the easiest way, you know, to find it.  Is there anywhere in your own life where there's strain tonight, is there, really? I mean strain of any kind, you know worry -- worry about money or about the job or about family or about a relationship.  Is there anywhere where there's strain?  See that's sin too, that's sin.  Because if there's strain in you, it's because there isn't complete faith, complete resting in God. And if there's not complete resting in God about something, it's either because you doubt His love, which you probably don't do, or because you're not ready and yielded for him to run it whatever way He wants.

The Savior has something to give you tonight. You want to find out what that is.  Usually to find it out you need to look at some of the places in your life where you have already sensed this gut said, just a little uneasiness. Those are the places where the Holy Spirit is wanting to give you more of the Savior and more of salvation.