Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Going to the Fair by Thomas Webster

There's excitement in the air because the fair is on. The little lady standing in the doorway is prepared to lead everyone into the day. She stands erect and ready to hand her grandpa his cane.

Two other children are practically dragging their grandpa out of the comfort of the house to go to the fair. But why the reluctance?

The older we get the more reticent we become to step out of our comfort zone. We have "been there and done that". The newness and excitement of life has worn down with age and experience.

But children still have the gift of curiosity, the enthusiasm of youth and a wonderful sense of adventure. Even as our grandpa is up and going he is stepping more lively and now willing to head out into a day of adventure.

King Solomon as a youth was full of excitement and energy. He spent his time doing everything he could. But gradually he got bored with it all because he forgot to include God. The gift of curiosity turned to a predictable knowledge of life that robbed him of his youthful exuberance. In the end he felt that all was meaningless and a chasing after the wind.

If you are older and losing your energy for life, then get involved with children and let them pull you out of your comfort zone. At every stage of life God has serendipities planned that will keep us fresh and alive and learning new truth. Even if you are on the borderlands between life and death, our Father wants to take us to new places.

Jesus told us that unless we become as little children we will never enter the Kingdom of God. Children are humble, teachable, dependent and trusting. That is how we are to remain throughout our life. And if we do so there will be no reluctance to step out into new adventures like the local fair with your grand-kids.

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